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Riddla On Da Roof

Southpark Mexican

[Chorus: Robin]
He's a riddla aaaaaaaa
The muthafuckin riddla aaaaaaaa

[Verse 1: SPM
I receive my degree
I got my masters in dope fiend psychiatry
Like the weed my brain buzzin like a bee
Flyin free I only fear sobriety
Shy police
Invading my privacy
We set a lot in court
They accepted my bribery
Finally I let this irony inspire me
They dying silently
Really jus tryin to be
Society denying me
So my pro-bity
Is flippin ghetto ivory
Oh my dear diary
My hood is fiery
They admire me
Will I die a G or will I build a fukin dynasty

[Chorus: Robin]
Repeat 4x

[Bridge: Rasheed]
It's the riddla on the roof
Rose from the bottom came to speak the truth
It's the riddla on the roof
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Repeat 2x

[Rasheed talking]
Yeah that's right it's ya boy Rasheed
All the way from the North Philadelphia ghettos
To the South Park slums
Representin in that Dope House with my man
The South Park Mexican
Say Los break these boys off once again

[Verse 2: SPM]
It's that vato
Convo you know how the song go
Get my freak on so
Watch for Santo
Like a bronco
Turn him to a John Doe
I make ya body need bondo
I stomp hoes
Pop pop those hallows
A hard act to follow
A fool named Carlos
Ya know my matto
"Don't act like a star bro"
If ya talk don't pay ya damn car note
And although it's almost tomorrow
Cept for sorrow
Cause don't be a rap they can borrow
I swallow a ballo
Back at me lago
And G's hollerin bravo
Getting smoked like a Marlbro

[Chorus: Robin]
Repeat 4x

[Bridge: Rasheed]
Repeat 2x

[Verse 3: SPM]
Ain't no sympathy in the street
It's either him or me
Officially he the man that can get with me
Nigga please
My trigga squeeze come like the killer bees
Figure these the last days why stick wit G's
Initially my millimi make em history
Clinically approved to kill that ass instanly
Spill the beans and get in between my guillotine
Bitches fiend for my dope like nicotine
Sippin lean ya started with the triple beam
Competion tell me
Are you listening?
It's the king
Livin life like Pistol Pete
With me so heat
That'll make yo body incomplete
Epidemy of a mental facility
I take ya nuts and hang em on my Christmas tree
Simpily I don't slip but I'm slippery
Unseen like the n-tity
Really be sick of beef
I disagree wit ya trickery
Blast like Yosemite
Smoke ya ass like a hickory
Ya fixin to see my embassy
Critically acclaimed forever yo mystery

[Chorus: Robin]
Repeat 4x
[Bridge: Rasheed]
Repeat 2x

A tooth for a tooth
A tooth for a tooth

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