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Laraby's Gang

Spin Doctors

Stoop's so fine on a summer's eve
When you sit outside for a short reprieve
Talk to folks as they come and leave
Jono, Jay, and Crazy Steve
Night is down but it's bright as day
You haven't been around since you went away
Feels so good so that's what you say
Folks say "Hi," but you say "Hey."
Well, that old mad dog, he's barking for the blues bone
Orpheus got a black book and a telephone
Plays that lyre 'cause he doesn't want to be alone;
One look back...
Buy a beer, find a place to stand
Have a couple laughs and hear the band
Smoke a couple of your favorite brand
Wake up with a stamp on the back of your hand
Don't blame me, It's all been Laraby's gang, now, now.
Don't blame me, for the song that the Nightingale sang, now,now.
Don't blame me, 'bout the vanishing waif
Don't blame me if your safe ain't safe, now, now.
Sun comes up, you're still awake
There's the sky, still as a lake
Not even that can drown the ache
Looks so high, it must be fake

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Composição: Aaron Comess / Chris Barron / Eric Schenkman / Mark White. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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