Shame (Do You Think God Is Dead?)

Stabbing Westward

Top rung of the evolutionary ladder
The most efficient predator in the food chain
Degrees in agriculture have reduced the ancient hunts
to sitting in your car at the drive thru at McDonalds
We control the future but learn nothing from the past
We annihilate our species from within

We rape and dig up the earth to claim it as our own
We kill the creatures that were there first
so we can build our homes
We've coated the earth with concrete
like some cancerous second skin
Toxic waste buried underground
while we breed the poison within

We kill for power - we kill in the name of love
We kill in jealous anger - we kill in maliciousness
We kill to defend our freedom
for the country you hold so dear
We kill to defend religion
in the name of the god you fear
But we even kill our children

Your god gave you this earth
to build your cities of steel
He's granted you higher intelligence
to build new weapons that kill
You've built a kingdom of arrogance
put your god at the throne
If your god were alive today
he would hang himself in shame

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