You (Picture Of Life)


It is hard
to believe that you were that person
Whom I thought could be the love of my life
You could have gotten
my heart, my soul, my insperation
but you closed your heart from my love

now after all these years
I saw you again
you looked at me but I turned my head
for all those tears that i've shed

chorus 2x

ya did not love me
ya did not care
and now
I live my own life
without you being there

I didn't fit
in your picture, the picture you had of life
I used to be one of your toys
Ya laughed about with the boys
you used to be my everything
you used to be my world

now after all these years
I've found out
That my heart, and my soul, and my insperation
are mine and only mine to keep

chorus 3x

I figured out about my own picture
and there's no room for you
so goodbye to you too

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