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Stay With Me


When I close my eyes, and you're not there
I feel this emptiness inside - do you care?
If you have to go I'll understand
But the pain's so hard to take when we're apart
You'll never see me cry - it's locked away
But there's this feeling deep within me wants to stay
And if you were here would things be right?
I need to find my way alone to win this fight
Stay with me tonight
One more time could make it right
One more chance to hold you tight
Won't you stay with me tonight?
And there's just no point in looking back
I'm finding fault in everything we ever had
And the promises we made with tears
Will always be with me in times - when you're not here
If I hold you close no need to fight
I know that nothing I could say would make it right
If the chance has gone slipped away
Before you leave there's just one thing I've got to say

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