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Radio Suicide

Strung Out

Two silhouettes stand tall against
A grey novemeber sky
Utopian suburban teenage wasted blues
You turn to me and sigh, the boredom
Growing in your eyes
As a voice sing songs of splendor
From the radio
I hear that voice again submerging
From the stereo
Invisible electric life flows
Right through me
Then for a moment I forget about
Just where I am at and the world fallin'
Around looses all urgency
It's just another transmission from
A place we all want to be
It takes control then it spits
Me back to reality
I hear the music
Then I close my eyes
It's just another radio suicide on the airwaves
I turn it on : invisible electric life
Then the song come on the radio
The signal takes the control - heartbeat
Starts to slow
You hear the words reverberating in your mind
Twisted elecric waves pulse from the stereo
As a voice screams out loud
Everything is not alright
Forget about the static pulsing in your ear
Forget everything you see and hear
It's just another radio suicide

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