The other day I swear to God
I got a letter in the mail that
Said register with us or you're
Gonna go to jail
You'll be put inside a cage, then
Forced to enlist
Well I laughed out loud, said I
Won't comply
To be labeled as one of those
Who qualify to be shipped off to
Fight some fucking war
'Cause war's not about policy-religion
It's about economy and I'm not dying
to set your country free

I'll never bow to your expectations
I never have I never will
I'm not a puppet, pawn, or
Figure head I'm a man of my
Own free will
Our freedoms are slowly surrendered
As they take more than their fill
How much power is ever enough for
The men, the men on Capitol Hill

They're cuttin's back on welfare
IL legalizing harmlessness, am I the
Only one to see there's something
Wrong with this
I don't have the answers won't
Pretend to say I will but to put
My trust in government, I think I'd
rather kill

Off mighty word democracy
Spells freedom for you and me
The books have all been written
And the prophets denied
Little by little watch this state
Begin to fall as we awaken from
This dream and find ourselves
Nailed to the wall

Oh firecracker patriotic lire, you were
Burnin' bright the day the country
Died, in all your glory in all your
Light the way torch of Liberty
Light the sky for the whole world
To see, in all your glory in all
Your pride

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