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Feeling the tradewinds blow
We set sail in the fickle sea flow
Stuck in a copper boat
On a sea where money floats
We went down, down, down

We found an undersea town
Where the gold just weighs you down
Saved by a razorfish
Headed back where the earth and sea kiss
Would you drown, drown, drown?
Reach the sound, sound, sound?

With all those people out of touch
Who have spent too much
Of the money's that they saved

Tradewinds blow me down (X4)

Aimed for the Milky Way
Then got stuck in a traffic delay
Gridlock around the block
No-one here gives way
Passed out of my home
To a different zone
Left me all alone

It's tough on the toxic wind
I'll just take up wrestling
Fight like the nuclear man
Overturn the city plan
Make a stash of cash
Buy my own home back
Throw the mayor in the sea
When the W.C. let me down

Let all the people get to know
They can come and go
To the places of their choice

Tradewinds blow me down (X4)

Tradewinds blow me...
Tradewinds blow me down...
[Repeat to end]

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