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These Living Arms

Tea Party

So a crowd has gathered around us
i'm pining one last kiss
im struggling with the lifeline
in the shadow of this bliss
patience my love
itll all be alright

but aint it funny how the fates work
i feel cheated by the turn
still this love it hovers over us
and the lessons that we've learned
patience my love it'll all be alright

we were lost inside a wasteland
of fools groping for the gold
i wonder if they'll think of us
while theyre searching for their souls
patience my love, it'll all be alright

so never put it out my love
the spirit is the flame that burns within
hold on to it and it'll all be alright

sleep now is descending like a dream
still i'm shaking from the softness of your skin
hold on to me it'll all be alright

with your arms around me
you're singing softly
and i fade from memories and move on
may nothing harm you
i'm still inside you
with my wings aroun you you'll go on
sweet lover go on
sweet lover go on
my love be strong

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