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Faded Coat Of Blue

The Carter Family

My brave boy sleeps in his faded coat of blue
in a lonely grave unknown lies a heart that was so true
They sat faint and hungry among the spanish braves
They laid him sad and lonely within his nameless grave

No more the bugle calls the weary one
Rest noble spirit in their graves unknown
For We'll find you and know you among the good and true
Where a robe of white is given for a faded coat of blue

He cried give me water and just a little crumb
And my mother she will bless you through all the years to come
And tell my sweetest sister so gentle good and true
I'll meet her in heaven dressed in white instead of blue

No dear one was near him to close his small blue eyes
No gentle voice was by him to give him sweet reply
No stone marks the lonely spot on the lad so brave and true
In a lonely grave he's sleeping in his faded coat of blue