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Don't Forget Me Little Darling

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At my window sad and lonely
Often do I think of you
And I wonder little darling
If you're thinking of me to

Don't forget me little darling
When from you I'm far away
But remember little darling
We may meet again some day

Darling, I have come to tell you,
thoughthis message breaks my heart,
at the dawning of the morning,
we'll be many miles apart.

Take this little bunch of roses,
that you gave me long ago,
many a time I've kissed them, darling,
these I'll never kiss no more.

Who is going to love you, darling,
who will hold you to their breast?
Who will talk the future over,
while I roam the desert West?

You may meet with fairer faces
Some may tell you I'm not true
Don't believe them little darling
No one loves you as I do