Lonesome Pine Special

The Carter Family

exibições 59

I was walking out this morning,
With rambling on my mind;
Gonna catch that special train,
Called the Lonesome Pine.

(Chorus the same as the verse)

You could hear the whistle blowing,
As she's coming down the line;
That's the train I'll catch this morning,
To ease my troubled mind.

Take me back to Texas, back to my old home.

Oh, I'm weeping like a willow,
And morning like a dove;
There's a girl way out in Texas,
I know I really love.

Oh, give me back my rifle,
Oh, give me back my gun;
Give me back my girl in Texas,
And my rambling days are done.

Oh, I'm going back to Texas,
Where the lonesome coyotes whine;
Where the longhorn cattle's lowing,
'Round that cabin home of mine.