United together...you preach to us before
Don't change or sellout, that's what you said to us
A blinded following, naive kids don't understand
Our music, our style, is all taken away
Our fashion, our style, you have all sold it away
And here we stand, our teacher has gone away.

Chorus x4
Here today...gone tomorrow

Punk and skin, united until the end
But junkies and nazis a part of our scene again
They're fighting eachother, is the oi! scene of today
From punk to skin, the fashion also changed your brain
Our music, our style, is all taken away
And there we stand, our teachers have gone away.

Chorus-1st verse-chorus-bridge

Seen it before in '77
Seen it again in '82
Will you keep it alive?
It's all up to you
Posers come and go
I've seen it all before
Will you keep it alive?
Better not conform.

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