Coming from the ghetto there's no future for the poor
Where the cops don't care if a bullet hits a bone
Where there's unemployment and no work for you and me
A youth culture will rise to fight you all

On the front line

This is my town not a pretty place to be
Where a kid's life is lost taking him into drugs
See him fucking drown each day more and more
Rebel youth wake up and hear the call

On the frontline

These boots i wear are strong and they are for work
For the dead end jobs with no future or any hope
I've been victimized and oppressed for too long
Generation of scars fucking hear the call

On the frontline

Casualties army new breed of today
Generation of scars will fucking have their say
Rejected and unwanted by the system
Casualties amry rebel youth take a stand

We were taught to be hard to survive in this world
If you don't like my ways then fuck you all
This is a call to all the rebels of today
To unite be counted and fucking be heard

On the frontline x4

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