Foto do artista The Menzingers

They Speak of My Drinking, But Never of My Thirst

The Menzingers

They called a meeting of the doctors and drug dealers in suits
They're planning on pushing their cure for the truth
We're the disneyland dope-fiends, it's a small world
When your praying up to the pill
Generation serotonin: balanced and free
Singing praise to "The Molecule'

My doctor says "don't worry son its just a trial run
You'll feel much better when its said and done
I'm gone
And forget the cost the market is hot
This took your father and I've got your numbers

Who am I to say? I'm probably drunk...
My cure works for m, but i can barely breath
Well the market research is showing off her new tits,
Executives' jaws drop to the floor
"We've got the new data and the good news
is they don't think for themselves anymore"

My doctor says "don't worry son, They'll get ya when they come.
You can hold out forever but the devils won"

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