hey let's dance
well i know one
it's so much fun
it's the kookiest dance
under the sun
it's called the boodanee
do the boodanee
let's do the boodanee

all you gotta do is curl up in a ball
then step two
you do nothing at all
this is the dance that my kitty cat does
n' that's part one called the circle of fuzz

the next big step
is the stand up and stretch
this is the one that i love the best
you get real long from head to tail
stick up your butt and get thin as a nail

now step three
ya see something in the air?
by something i mean something
that's not even there
you grab at it with your sweet smelling paws
there's no reason for this - it's just because
then you run around like a lunatic
hopping sideways and your tail gets thick
you keep doing this till you're sick of it
or till somebody quips hey stop it!

do the boodanee
123 do the boodanee

you can bark all you want about this dance or that
but if you wanna be cool you gotta be a cat
and do the boodanee
do the boodanee

when the whole thing's done
and you're one tired pup
go over to your bowl and lick your supper up
then smack your lips
and put your nose in the air
just walk away
like you don't care

you did the boodanee
you did the boodanee

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