Foto do artista The Wonder Years

Solo And Chewy: Holdin' It Down

The Wonder Years

I've been trying to think about anything but this,
or how we're missing towns, missing out, the exit's on this strip.
I've been wondering how or if we'll ever get to sleep
because we're sixteen hours in.
This ride from Eric's house has been fucking up my shit
because we stayed to watch the weeks new Office
and now it's twelve a.m. in the dirty south.
You know we must be bored as shit
because we're stealing form gas station and talking about how,
Arizona's airport is called Sky Harbor.
I wonder if that's what the last song on Clarity's about.
We're saying it loud.
Get to the Falcon, it's three a.m. and were delirious.
Cheating on the Atlantic.
We're talking about pawning all our shit,
buying wave runners and becoming pirates.
We've been falling apart; like Richie's got a brand new stretch mark.
Night drives start at Waffle House and end at Wal-Mart.
We're breaking hearts of waitresses in seedy truck stops
because Steve's shirtless, pounding beers in the parking lot.
We're taking naked pictures in the Utah desert.
"Yo man, I think that girl just saw your dick."
If this is our time, then the Denver Skyline
is telling me to make up my Goddamn mind

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