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This Is How It Works


Not everybody knows just how to do it
Some just learn it on the way
Once you get it right aint nothing to it
If you wanna get it right you gotta learn to pace

Make it smooth (make it smooth)
Take your time
Make it groove (make it groove)
In out in
Make it last (make it last)
Kiss kiss kiss kiss my....aaaa

This is how it works
Wrap your hands around my body
This is how it works
Go due South
This is how it works
Mold yourself into my body
This is how it works
Kiss my mouth

Some guys think they know the answers
Everybody knows how to make you scream
If most guys took time out of their fantasies
Maybe we can stop playing make-believe

Ready Set Go
You don't have to know
We can take forever, learn together, any flow
Touch me, slow, watch it grow

Kiss the tip, gently flow, and be my hoe
Tape the show, we can watch it in slow-mo
When the sweet and low drips

Don't forget to let me wet my finger tips
Write love letters back and forth across your lips
Spread my hips, count to eighty
Eighty ways, eighty trips
One time for your mind
Two times if you're tense, baby let it unwind

Three counts and let it bou-ou-ounce to the mother fuckin ounce
Here we go now you know
Fourth down, let it flow back around, come on
Kiss my, kiss my
Wazzup? (*kiss*)

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