Many times when I was little I'd hold my Daddy's hand
Many times I thought I was so strong
I'd let go and try to stand
Many times I fell and was so ashamed, never good enough
But someone failed to tell me
Holding on doesn't do too much

Sometimes I'm on the mountain holding on to Your hand
Sometimes I'm in the middle holding the best I can
Sometimes I'm in the valley and I let go long ago
When my hand is weak and tired
Your hand still has a hold

Many times when I was a child they told me to follow the rules
Many times I tried oh so hard to do what they wanted me to
But many times I failed and in my disgrace
I couldn't call Your name
But I found that though I left You
You were with me all the same

I've tried to hold on to You
Seems the best that I can do is sometimes
Doing everything I can
But it's slipping through my hands sometimes
And if You're looking for consistency look to someone else
'Cause I'm holding hands with Heaven while
I'm making eyes at Hell
If I'm ever gonna change God, I need Your help

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