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Nothing Short Of Dieing

Tritt Travis

Should have told her more i loved her
i should have spent more time at home
i thought id be just fine without her
but the fact is now shes gone
i should have listened to my concience
when it said dont let her go
and if shes wondering how im doing
well i think she aught to know
that i find myself praying
more than i ever did before
and i find my heart is breaking
each time her memory slams the door
and i find my self crying
and trying to hold on
cause there aint nothing short of dieng
thats worse than being left alone

i thought id be just fine without her
id be happy a free man
but the hurting side of lonesome
is what i didnt understand
and the lessons that im learnin'
lord im learning all to well
the nights i used to spend in heaven
have been replaced by nights of hell
(reapeat chours)
lord there aint nothin short of dieng
thats worse than being left alone

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