Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde

Tritt Travis

Well, it's a long way to Richmond
Rolling north on 95,
with a redhead riding shotgun
and a pistol by my side.
Tearing down that highway
like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde

We met a truck stop
Johnson City, Tennesee
I was gassin' up my Firebird
when I heard her callin' me
Said "Which way are you headed boy?
Do you need some company?"

She had me stoppin at a quick mart
before we made it out of town
Next thing she was running at me
Telling me to lay that hammer down
"Cause there's a man right behind me
doing his best to slow me down."


We pulled up to a motel
in the middle of the night
we were countin' all the money
smoking stolen Marlboro lights
Lord we never saw 'em comin'
'til they read us both our rights

And it's a long way to Richmond,
Rollin' north on 95
With a sheriff right beside me
pistol pointing at my side
such a disappointing ending
for this modern day Bonnie and Clyde

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