The Invasion From Within

Tsunami Bomb

Enemy inside of me!

I'm caught! I cannot kick them out
Their claws are wrapped around my throat and they are squeezingtighter
Insanity is coming over me
Their every wish is my command
No way out!

I feed them, you will too! They're gonna take control of you!
You'll know when they have got you trapped
Everything looks cloudy and you feel like you're on fire
Inhabited, I wish that I were dead
My blood has turned from red to black
No way out!

When they come for you
They see right through your flesh and bones for soon you'll betheir home
They know you deep inside, the things you can't try to hide
No hope after the first bite

Look out 'cause they are onto you
They'll cut you open, crawl inside and you'll be lost forever
Don't try to run 'cause you're the chosen one
Your world is gone, no turning back
No way out!

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