I'm untouchable
Sixteen ways to die, but I'd rather just cut your throat Unlovable
Bred through hate, product of date rape
but you can't wait to cremate
I take lives with steak knives and such
I leave so many cuts that there's nothin left to touch
And I walk with the family mind set on casualty
I put mirrors in ya eyes so ya had to see
That it had to be a mass suicide at your gathering
What a catastrophe
Front page, blame it on us
Scapegoat for all, in Twiztid we trust
In the tour bus headed for the white house lawn
I can only be the scapegoat for so long
You can clear bongs while I clear channels
Live show is sick like cups of brain matter

You could never do what I do
Even if I became you
You gotta let go of the envy
Cuz on your best day you'll never be me

I'm Jeffrey Dahmer with a Wayne Gasey mask on
Drill a hole inside your head and axe it till ya pass on
Amass on cubby holes and crawl spaces UNTRUSTABLE
I'm Harvey Dent double sided with Two-Face
Cuz I killed Jason at Crystal Lake
Stuck a axe in his back and said it was a mistake
Now the legend is dead, but the legacy lives on
Through the blood in my veins
every time I spit out a song
I'm Richard Ramirez with bloody eyes
Leave a pussy stolen and swollen with bloody alibis
I'm a cat with 9 lives, a monster with 50 kills
With a shotgun, roamin' the streets of Beverly hills
I'm in your hood like a street siren
And for whatever motherfucker if you're
thinkin you're gonna take mine
Another product of reality
Call it a blemish on the floor of society's vanity


If I cut ya tongue out and left mine in it's place
You still couldn't taste what the fuck I say
I'm a split time for swallowin razor blades
So I get spit blind for every word that I say
I'm poisonous, better check your thermos
Cuz I spikin' all the coffee at your funeral service
I'm a psycho bad boy, all no-purpose
And I stuff bad bitches like a taxidermist.


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