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Funky Fresh Country Club

Ugly Kid Joe

Funky Fresh tunes and you're walking down the street
and you're trying to find the girl that you really want to meet

You're flying past the reef and you're drinking shrunken heads
you wake up in the morning and you wish that you were dead

Pre chorus:
As you stagger home in the blackest form of night
The rollers out in force baby they're looking for a fight

You try to play the game you try to pass the test
But the only thing in sight baby is the sight of your arrest

Jail cell-living hell
chains off me I'm free
Doing time - one more time
Mine, all mine, all mine

Now the country club is cold and the country club is mean
the attendants at the country club ain't something to be seen

If you're messing with my girl you're messing with your life
cause I'm gonna cut you with a big, big, big, big, big, big, bigknife,
you bet your fuckin' life!

repeat chorus...

I wanna tell you a story baby I hope you wanna hear
I wanna tell you a story baby I hope you wanna hear

I was going downtown in the back of a car
some motha 'fucka' left the door ajar (uh huh)
Remember what your parents said
be home by eight and in your bed (uh huh)

repeat pre-chorus...
repeat chorus...

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