oh pain, inside, where you lock your dream away
oh lay down, sleep in not a dream
i fell, on a broken lost day
i feel, i see on a broken past away

alone, you never cared
you never ever needed me
alone, in what you call pity
you always play the game

oh, so what's the deal?
oh can't you feel for real?
oh so what's the deal?
oh what's the feel?
can you feel?
can you feel for real?

all in there interface
and one crawls in your bed
and someday, the creeping walls
a bed of nails, ripping your eyes
ripping your soul, into your brain

another fucking day
and i don't know what to play
i don't know what i fucking see
'cause you never fucking tell me what the deal is

i never knew that you could be so cruel
fucking lying all the time
in your face into my eyes
have i broken up the dead?
have i woken up the dead?

i played your game
i played your game
no special gain
it's in my brain

i never played your fucking game

oh lips are kneeling on my forehead
now bouncing off the walls
another way to say hello
i forgave you last time

i know how, and that you would
i never meant to be this way
you close your eyes, and never, and never
woke up this way

you never woke up, woke up
you woke up this way
that's what i say going down
i feel it going down

i'll crawl into your window
when you're sleeping real tight
i'll kill you in your sleep
i brought the fucking knife

you drive me crazy every day
no, you don't leave me alone
my brain is on the floor
i can't decide until you're dead

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