She works the late night shift down at the hamburger house
She pins back her hair and Lord, she gets them orders out
She's always smilin' when she sees me walk in
'Cause she knows I'll be eatin' just as long as I can
Them milk shakes must be good, 'cause I just can't get my fill
Since the first time she made me one I've been head over heels

The tag on her shirt says
"Hello,my name is Alice"
I'll be doggone if she ain't the prettiest thing
I've ever seen in Dallas
Her blue eyes they shine brighter
Than the Aurora Borealis
She looks like a queen
Workin' in that white palace

When she works the drive-thru window I burn up a tank of gas
I get one thing at a time so I can make another pass
I bet I'm the only one who ever gives her a tip
'Cause I love to hear "thank you" comin' from those sweet red lips
Someday I'll get up the nerve and ask her for a date
And we'll drive out to Ft. Worth and I'll buy her a t-bone steak

Chorus (Twice)

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