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Callin In Sick Today

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Hit my snooze alarm for the 27th time
Just dont feel like goin to work
I think I'll call my boss then I'm
Gunna hack and cough and wheeze
Swear I got some strange disease
Whats that little twerp gunna say?
hay hay hay

Im callin in sick today
Callin in sick today

I could shine my pennies or clean my lava lamp
I could spend all day in my underware watchin Earnest Goes ToCamp
I could sit and count my hair
I could burp my tumperware
Im not buisy now anyway hay hay hay

Im callin in sick today
Callin in sick today
Aint goint to work no way
Callin in sick today

I can do anything I want to
I am invincible now
Im on fire baby
Im alive Im alive can you hear me world
Im alive!

Maybe I'll spend all day lookin at the sun and tryin not tosquint
Maybe I'll make a fuge colored papastry from my bellybuttonlint
When Im sick of takin abuse
I just make up some lame excuse
Freedoms just 7 digits away


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