"Wake up!" she said, "you dreaming fool,
don't throw your life away.
Because life's too short and you're too smart
to want to hurt yourself that way.

And what's this talk about the fellow man?
Look, it's catch as catch can, understand?
You muscle and struggle and get what you can
or you'll never get anywhere at all, young man.

And what's this talk about loving everybody
and trying to be a neighbor and helping out your brother?
Oh, fine and dandy, but you're getting a little carried away,"
is what she'd say.

She said, "I'm not saying that love ain't fine,
but every little thing's got it's place and time.
Now there's people out there who want what's mine,
and they're going to try to take it away.

So save your love for those who care,
and buy some clothes and wash your hair.
Just relax and don't you dare
start dreaming about saving the world."

And Jesus said, "Yes mom."

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