There's an awful lotta people deep in trouble you know
Ain't got a penny in'er pocket, fifty million they owe
So it seem like there got to be an end it sight
To this recession, depression that we all in tonight.
I ain't cryin' a whole lotta who shot who.
I just wish I could forget about my double-u two.

Franchise, white lies, federal excise, get wise, i-to-mize,
Get yourself a enterprise and burn the place down
Can go for broke
'Less they catch you with the matches
Then it ain't no joke, folks.
The government don't care if you're Fu Manchu.
Everybody got to do the double-u two.
D-D-D-Deducts, deluxe, write-offs, right-on,

The IRS wanna tax my song.
So long to makin' money, it costs too much.
Take my baby to the movie, but we got to go... dutch.
It's a touch said but what can you do?
Everybody got to do the double-u two.

I was tryin' to keep a little bid'ness from offa the books.
I was tired of givin' money to them capitalist crooks.
Looks like my little method mighta worked out
For a simple little somethin' I did not tell them about.
The taxman said you best recompute,
We gonna take away your house and your VW too.
I guess the government can do anything they wanna do
Everybody got to do the, do the double-u two.

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