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Rake And Rambling Man

Don Williams

I ran into an old friend of mine the other day
We hadn't seen each other for quite a while
What he had to say to me hit me pretty hard
'Cause I think a lot of folks get started this way, he said.

I thought it would be so easy
Another one-night stand
She seemed so warm and willing
Right in the palm of my hand
Now its three months ago last Wednesday
Since I woke up in her bed
Lord, I think I love her,
But I'm scared half to death.


'Cause you know I'm a rake and a rambling man
Free as an eagle flies
Well, look at me now and tell me true
Do I look like a daddy to you?
Oh, do I look like a daddy to you?

Now she's feeling' sick in the mornings,
She can't get into her jeans
I spent my last ten dollars,
Bought her a second hand ring
I start to work next Monday,
Cause I just can't let her down
I've had me some good times,
But it's all changing' now.

(Repeat chorus twice)

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