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Solitary Thinkin'

Lee Ann Womack

Well I only came into this bar
To hear a sad song
But I'll probably
be here all night long
The way I'm feeling now

I couldn't get you on the phone
So, I let it ring
On and on in a lonesome serenade

what am I gonna do about my problems now
Maybe I should try to find a way to kinda,
sorta, maybe, work it out

with some solitary thinkin'
And lonesome drinkin'
it sure does make a body feel at home
And a double barrel whiskey
And oh baby, tell me do you miss me
Some solitary thinkin'
and lonesome drinkin' for me tonight

There's two things that'll kill a girl
They'll strike her down
right where she stands
One is his voice
and one is the rock glass
sitting in my hand

Oooh, lights are gettin' dimmer now
That means they gonna shut me down
And it's just like crystal
It ain't always really clear

Tell me baby now
How am I gonna get myself
to sleep now that you're gone
Maybe I should try to find a way
to kinda think about carrying on
On my own

Repeat Chorus

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