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Dismal Day

X- Press 2

I Look Into My Morning Mirror
And It Reveals Some Things to Me That I Had Not Been Able to See
I Saw Someone That I'm Not Sure I Want to Be
An Empty Lonely Face Was Starin' Back At Me

All and All, I Would Have to Say
It's Been a Rather Dismal Day

The Afternoon Was Slow in Coming
I Drug Myself Outside the People That I Knew Would Be There
And Though They Walked Along Pretending Not to Care
I Knew Behind My Back They'd Point and Laugh and Stare


And Now the Evening Shadow's Falling
I Guess It's Best I Lay My Hopes to Rest For Noone's Calling My Name
I Sit and Wait Behind a Door That's Never Knocked On
I Live in Silence Like My Phone That's Never Talked On


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