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Let Your Love Go

X- Press 2

There's a Reason For the Life That You Live
And There's Pleasin' That I Know You Can Give
And I Been Crayin' the Love You Been Sayin'
So Baby Won't You Give It to Me

You're Tellin' Me no - no - No
You Don't Want to Let Your Love Go
I'm Tellin' You Yes - Yes - Yes
You Really Oughta Be Gettin' Some Happiness

I Made a Motion and It's Out On the Floor
And It's a Notion That I'd Love to Explore
'cause I Been Tastin' the Love You Been Wastin'
So Baby Won't You Give It to Me...

You're a Lady
And I'm Here in the Palm of Your Hand
Such a Lady
How Much More Do You Think I Can Stand?

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