as much as a mustard seed is all you need
small person pays for the air that we breathe
and the baby is born, place to go when we leave
food that we eat, weapon when we sleep
it's a miracle no believin' the Lord

What cha seein' on the news has already been written in the Bible
but ain't nobody takin' the time to realize that believin' and readin'
the scriptures could mean your survival and I don't wanna die no neva
I wanna live forever and I would a lot better
so when Armageddon really come true what chu gon' do?


[Kray:] swing low [Lay:] God loves me
[Kray:] swing low [Lay:] ask me how I know
[Kray:] swing low [Lay:] God loves me, ask me how I know
[Kray:] swing low [Lay:] God loves me, ask me how I know
[Kray:] swing low, swing low I know cause the Bible tells me so

You know God is good
you know God is great and everyday I wake
I gotta thank him for my life and even though its hard
I know I make mistakes I give it everything it takes just to make it right
this is Satan's land understand the plan yall Jesus
comin back with a furious mind better praise everyday
hurryin' doin' your job glory to the king that's my heavenly father

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