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Mr. Unity (Dj Khaled Diss)

Young Buck

[Young Buck:]
Yeah Kay Slay, Drama, Whoo Kid
Ya'll keep it real with me
(I'm not 'gon play with ya'll)
Good lookin' niggas all the DJs
I got love for ya'll niggas man
(I'm not 'gon play with ya'll)

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Now let me take off my vest
Put some shit to rest
Khaled, play my shit nigga, I'm the best
I don't carry grudges cuz, I get it off my chest
I'm a business man and Rick Ross will tell you this
Listen, I'm in a CEO position
So if I was still bullshittin'
You probably would have been a victim
I tried to reach out to show you what I'm about
Make records without me, nigga I am the south
Scarface will tell ya he done ate at my house
In the middle of Miami, Trick Daddy can vouch
Young Jeezy and T.I. be in the streets with Buck
Me and Akon sip Don and Wayne know whats up
Maybe Fat Joe tellin' you don't fuck with The Unit
Terror Squad is your clique you got to stay loyal to it
I'm all in M-I-A- saupassay
You can't ban me from the radio or no DJ
Matter fact all the hate
Make me carry all the weight
While you're takin' over the city i'm takin' over the state
G Unit ain't goin' nowhere
We here
50 made more money than the label this year
The beef is no fun when your enemy is broke
Sometime the captain of the ship sinks his own damn boat
But you playin' with fire
We will not expire
This is ghetto gospel nigga join the choir
See I could make it hard for the fans to buy it
I holla back at ya cause for now i'm tired

[Young Buck:]
Aiyo Banks hand me one of them cigars right there man
You ain't got to say nothing right now, chill out I got this

[Chorus: Young Buck]
The things that people do, to try to keep us away
But every dog got his day
I'm not 'gon play with ya'll
Hey what more can I say?
But every dog got his day
So lets load up an AK
I'm not 'gon play with ya'll

[Young Buck:]
Buck the world
You know what it is
My shit bumpin' all over Florida
I mean I'm... I tried to get your man to play my shit
M-I-A- want to hear my shit
I mean they fuckin' with you..
But they fuckin' with me more nigga
(The things that people do)
See what it is?
Its like...
I understand your situation man
(I'm not 'gon play with ya'll)
You know?
Being loyal to your crew
Shit i'm loyal like a motherfucker to
But a hit is a hit nigga
(i'm not 'gon play with ya'll)
And in the position you're in my nigga, you got to play the hits
And i'm buckin' nigga
So play my shit, like every other DJ
Holla nigga
(So lets load up an AK)
Shout out to street niggas, DJs, all the ladies out there
I ain't 'gon forget ya'll
Yeah i'm heavy in the game right now nigga
(But every dog got his day)
Straight up
And I know 50 just got 400 million right now
But i'm gettin' to the money on my own
I don't need nothin' right now
Its cool to know you got it
Young Buck
Ca$hville Records nigga
We comin'
(But every dog got his day)
We just got to make sure they put enough zeros on the check
Sha Money
Man, Dre, you told me i'm a beast
Jimmy Iovine
Good lookin' on the game man, yeah
(I'm not 'gon play with ya'll)
I'm here now
Its been a long time to
Now i'm here
You niggas 'gon have to kill me to get rid of me
(So lets load up an AK)
Fuck ya'll
Yeah nigga
Outlawz, C-Bo, 615, thats me motherfuckers
Finish smokin' my weed nigga
And I got a bad bitch too
I ain't 'gon tell you
But shes a bad bitch
Do your thang baby
I mean try that motherfuckin' Phantom baby
I'm a sit back on the passenger side, and just smoke my weed
And laugh at these broke ass rappers
Lets Go!

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