Far From the Home I Love


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How Can I Hope to Make You Understand
Why I Do What I Do?
Why I Must Travel to a Distant Land,
Far From the Home I Love.

Once, I Was Happily Content to Be
As I Was, Where I Was,
Close to the People Who Are Close to Me,
Here in the Home I Love.

Who Could See That a Man Would Come
Who Would Change the Course of My Dreams?
Helpless Now, I Stand With Him,
Watching Older Dreams Grow Dim.

Oh, What a Melancholy Choice This Is,
Wanting Home, Wanting Him.
Closing My Heart to Every Hope But His,
Leaving the Home I Love.

There, Where My Heart Has Settled Long Ago,
I Must Go. I Must Go.
Who Could Imagine I'd Be Wandering So
Far From the Home I Love.

Yet, There With My Love, I'm Home.