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Gold Rush Brides

10000 Maniacs

While the young folks were having their good times
Some of the mothers were giving birth to their babies
Three babies were born in our company that summer
My cousin, Emily, gave birth to a son in Utah
Forty miles north of the Great Salt Lake one morning
But the next morning she traveled on
'Til noon when a stop was made and another child was born
This time Susan Mollmeyer
And gave the baby the name Alice Nevada

Follow the typical signs, the hand-painted lines, down prairieroads
Pass the lone church spire
Pass the talking wire from where to who knows?
There's no way to divide the beauty of the sky from the wildwestern plains
Where a man could drift, in legendary myth, by roaming overspaces
The land was free and the price was right

Dakota on the wall is a white-robed woman, broad yet maidenly
Such power in her hand as she hails the wagon man's family
I see Indians that crawl through this mural that recalls ourhistory

Who were the homestead wives?
Who were the gold rush brides?
Does anybody know?
Do their works survive their yellow fever lives in the pages theywrote?
The land was free, yet it cost their lives

In miner's lust for gold, a family's house was bought and sold, piece by piece
A widow staked her claim on a dollar and his name, sopainfully
In letters mailed back home her Eastern sisters
They would moan as they would read accounts of
Madness, childbirth, loneliness and grief

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Composição: Natalie Merchant / Robert Buck. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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