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Whatcha Gonna Do


You Tell Me You're Keeping It Real With Me
You Tell Me That I'm The Only One
You Say You'll Never Leave Me Lonely Girl
But That Was A Lie
I Never Want To See Your Face Again
I Don't Even Want To Be Your Friend
Don't Wanna Be Used By You Again
So I'm Saying Goodbye

(1) Girl I Know That Your Thinkin
I'm Just Playin With Your Head
And I Know You've Been Tossing And Turning
In Your Bed
Trying To Figure Out The Reason Why I Left You All Alone
Was It Worth You Giving Up The Greatest Love You've Ever Known

(2) Baby Whatcha Gonna Do Without Me
Whatcha Gonna Do Without My Love
Whatcha Gonna Do When My Love Is Gone Away From You
Whatcha Gonna Do Without Me
And Everything I Used To Do For You
Whatcha Gonna Do When My Love Is Gone Away From You

I Never Shoulda Put My Trust In You
But I Never Thought You'd Let Me Down
It Seems Like You Get A Thrill Out Of
Out Of Making Me Cry
And Baby Everybody's Seen It But Me
Cause I Was So Blind I Couldn't See
I Never Really Needed Your Hell
I Could Do For Myself

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Baby Can't You See
I Want It For You More Than You Want It For Yourself
(Always There For You)
I Was There For You For Whatever You Needed
(You Know What I've Gone Through For You)

I'm Gonna Say Bye Bye
Baby Now Whatcha Gonna Do
My Lovin Gone, The Money Gone, And The House Too
Now How Bout You
Get Away From Me
And Let Me Clear Me Mind
Your Son(??) Needs To Visit You One More Time
I Know You're Fine
But I Ain't Gonna Get Distracted By Your Charm
I Think Since The Beginning
You Intended Some Harm
Remain Calm
It Ain't No Reason To Drop The Bomb
She Get 10 Points Just For Being A Mom
But Still That's The Past Tense
I Was Speaking Of Then
You Ask Me About That Woman Now
She Gets A Negative 10
I Had To Catch Myself
Before I Tried To Make Her My Girl
Start A Family And Start To Bring Kids In This World
See It's Like A Gun
It Can Backfire, Then Shoot You
What's Good For The Present Ain't Always Good For The Future
I ??? Looked Deeply In The Mirror At Myself
Wondering If I Will Make It With Someone Else
Whatcha Think

Repeat 2 Til End

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Composição: Marvin Scandrick / Quinnes Parker / Sean Puffy Combs. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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