Had Me A Real Good Time

13 Faces

Thought I was lookin good
So I cycled cross the neighbourhood
Was invited by a skinny girl
Into her high class world

Left my bicycle under the stairs
Laid my coat across the kosher chairs
Made my way across the crowded room
I had nothing to lose

My reception wasnt very keen
So turning on a friendly grin
Stood on the table with my glass of gin
And came straight to the point

I was glad to come
Ill be sad to go
So while Im here
Ill have me a real good time


Dancing madly round the room, yeah
Singing loudly and sorta out of tune
Was escorted by a friendly slag
round the bedroom and back
Wandered across to the door
Missed my step and I fell on the floor.
Said one word and was asked to leave
Kinda wish I was dead.


The skinny girl made it clear
That she only came here for the beer
The vicar simply reeked of gin
On my way home I happened to fall off my bicycle
(good party)
I was glad to come, but I was also glad to get home

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