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exibições de letras 366

Wild Kingdom

2 Skinnee J's

Here's the confessions of an unrepented Skinnee
From the depths of my soul
in my hole in New York City
I arose from my frozen abode
from the north Came forth on course
and write my rhymes from the source
To delight Dr. Lecter I'll recite some invective of my own
Here's my quid pro quo Omens and portents
have sprung from the torrents
It's time to realize my rise
has been foretold
From the sticks to the streets
I beat a path that'll last
I came to NYC by the way of the pasture
Naive and pure,
I stepped from the steps
From the pie to the apple
like Ming it's merciless
But my mastery of majesty brings tragedy
My mastery of majesty brings tragedy
My insanity loves company
so I stray into the fray
cause the chaos comforts
But somebody in front of me
want to rumble The fauna, causing trauma
in the jungle I be
the lion in winter,
the hinterland
dweller Accapella
dash fast like a sprinter
Test me like litmus,
but witness the fitness
Of my wit
quick come get with this

The sun comes up and I run with the animals
Enter wild kingdom
The sun goes down and I run from the cannibals
Enter wild kingdom

The sun comes up and I run with the animals
Enter wild kingdom
The sun goes down and I run from the cannibals
Enter wild kingdom

Due to my ability
to flow with agility
I take my place amongst the nobility
But fuck the futility,
my mobility is upwards
But my cupboards be bare like Hubbard's
and it's killing me
Stress make me pound my chest like a Gorrilla
be To prove my verility
search for sense and sensibility
Like Austin
I lost in Philly, D.C.
or Boston
so I jet back to Willy B
But trust in me,
like Kaa said to Mowgli
I've escaped the snake like Houdini,
so hold me Enthralling,
I'm calling like the wild 100% intelligent man-child
Now I'm making ends
and I'm trying to make ends meet
Hoping that the enemy ain't lurking where my friends be
to feed on 'em in a frenzy like pirhana
while some silly sallys dilly dally like the llama
And make no mistake, I'll frustrate them when they hunt me
go underground like Salman Rushdie
My learning's been obscuring like Jude
I wanna walk like you, I wanna talk like you
but what's the hullabaloo, we've got the bear necessities
I'll secure your secrets with my opens and my sesames

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