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Horns of Destruction

2 Skinnee J's

The lights go down and you've found yourself surrounded,
Astounded by the veteran crew that you've resounded
But we're back for our piece of this game and we remain,
On a mission to increase the recognition of the name that
You saw on the marquee when you walked in the building to the
Fought a bunch of pot holes but we filled them
Its just one of our tricks we're in the mix like trail,
The mic in my hand becomes a Molotov cocktail,
Igniting your vicinity from now till infinity,
Burning you down we built it back from the ground up
J vigilantes are back on the round up
We're tryin to reach the folks in the back,
So turn the sound up!

Now we blow like a dart through the heart of your crew
Cause everybody in our squad rocks harder than you,
Every thought that we drop comes smarter than you,
And I know that our presence is bothering you, ha ha
The beat breaks and we shake the crowd
Darken the horizon like a mushroom cloud
Starship troopers battle on in this insect
Babylon 5 we drop hard like a gavel
Rhymin got us climbin to the top of this profession,
So take us for granted, but still we keep them guessin
Yes it's the S, oh my! The K I, double N, double E,
With more suds than bubbly
We propose a toast to those out to witness,
Drink up, now get down to business
Give it just a second to see any redness,
Peoples movin up front, you cant prevent this

Na na na na, na na na na,
Loud and clear we all shout and cheer, na na na na
Loud and clear we all shout and cheer, na na na na

My arrival marks a change in your Hedjamon
Forget your lexus, here's a nexus of your lexicon,
And if you want a piece just call Cerubikon,
And bring your battle to the streets of Geromimon,
There I'll squat you like a hex upon where upon,
Even if you had six miles wouldn't help you on this mic
you're on,
While you were getting off, I still had my rock on
Things went from bad to worse for you like Michael Jackson,
I'll push you midways like an octopod,
They'll decree and one lesson E.D.'s like this rock we're
And I'll blow your shit up once again like your name was
Cause you're an original, like Psycho, starring Vince Vaughn,
Go ahead, rhyme along
Go ahead, rap along, tag along, hop along, sing along!
We'll be making voice while your lips flap in Babylon
Here's a message to both you and your henchmen,
We've got secret weapons that we've still yet to mention,
We keep them duckin with shit we're flingin
You can knock us down but we come up, swingin

Na na na na, na na na na
Loud and clear we all shout and cheer, na na na na
Loud and clear we all shout and cheer, na na na na

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