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Maximum Overdrive

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Join me for a ride, Speed up the music!
Join me for a ride. Maximum Overdrive.
Join me for a ride, speed up the music.
Join me for a ride...maximum overdrive!

Rap 1:
The heat is on, ah, yeah, we gotta move on.
Check the brakes and listen to the new song.
We gonna overdrive ya to the maximum,
now I show you our trip's just begun.
Rough and tough with your hands on the steering wheel,
the will is strong the heart as steel.
The maximum overload king of the road.
Feel the tension high up in your throat!


Rap 2:
Put some pressure upon the gas
I don't know how long I'm gonna last.
Feel the force of the main source
the power is strong with the strength of a horse
the ultimate ride that makes you to the overdrive,
remember this: only the strong survive.

Bum stikkie di bum stikkie di bum stikkie di bum,
take you down to the maximum!


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Composição: Anita Dels / Frederick Herman Martens / Phil Wilde / R.L. Slijngaard. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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