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Don't Tread On Me


Don't Tread On Me

Before you're pointing at me
There is a possibility
You better turn that thing around
Nothing ís come easily
So don't you tread on me
Cuz I will knock you down

Some days it seems it's not worth it
The fight in me is all gone
And I'm not trying to be perfect
But just get one damn thing done
Before I lose control
I pick myself off the floor


Never come a day that I'll solve you
Consequently I could never leave you
In the shadow of those looming battleships
I love our canoe
I'm ready for the falls
And the still waters we will find our truth

Oh, there's a clock in my head
And despite what it said
Another one on the wall
They don't agree at all
And there's a schism in me
And despite what you see
You might see me as calm
But I go off like a bomb


Oh, in the comfort of strangers
You don't see the danger
Of just letting it flow
This I know


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