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Hallow this, and maybe you can swallow this
I dunno I guess it always seems that something else in this lifeis diseased
But guess what now, heres something that you cant devour
Its moving with the tide, and now its ripping you up frominside
Follow me into abyss of the sindfall thats tearing you down
Its ok to believe that theres something in nothing now

I'm at the edge of my rope
If I could give, I bet I would play dead
If I coudl live, id fall apart again
If I could fly, away from all this pain
If I could run, id crumble again

Please rewind, retrace your life, and then youll find
That everything youve learned in this, is just a pile ofworthlessness
So suffocate, and maybe you can separate
And in the end its no suprise, that only in death will yourealize

(I would, I would play dead again)

If its true, its just to pass the time
Just to pacify my will to bind
But you cant drive when your blind
And it burns your eyes
And you cant hold me to a place in time
Where im stuck in behind
And you cant climb out of the flood, the sign
Listen to the lies that cut you up inside
And the blood will stain our lives

If could, im at the edge of my rope

If I could give more yea
If I could cut me in anyway I could
If I could fly away
If I could, if I could run

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