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A Little Bit More


And when your body's
had enough of me
And I'm laying flat
out on the floor
When you think
I've loved you all I can
I'm gonna love you
a little bit more

Come on over here
and lay by my side
I've got to be touching you
Let me rub your tired shoulders
the way I used to do
Look into my eyes
(into my eyes)
and give me that smile
The one that always turns me on
and let me take your hair down
'cos we're staying up
to greet the sun


Got to say a few things
that have been on my mind
You know where my mind has been
I guess I learned my lessons
And now's the time to begin
so if you're feeling alright
(feeling alright)
and you're ready for me
I know that I'm ready for you
We'd better get it on now
'cos we got a whole life
to live through

chorus (x2)

Just a little bit more


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