The default is taking over
My eyes are blind to what's happening
But i can feel the pain in all of it
This can't be how it was supposed to be
I put my trust in idle hands, in such short satisfaction
The ebbing in tides take away

The thoughts in my mind

I can you feel the blood
Filling up my lungs

And i can you feel the eyes
Tearing right through me

Oh god

I remember what you said to me
Become! become! what i'm supposed to be

The world is gaping wide
I see things so much clearer now
The seas have calmed
There's no more separation
The haze is gone
The oceans are mine

This isn't the moment of change
There is so much more to come
Stay focused stay patient

Look through the haze
There's something prowling

You may bruise my heel but i will crush your head

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