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After all who do we blame?
Inside broken mislaid memories
the old thirst reappears again.
She is here now, the look suffocates me but Im safe.
The mask is on.

After all who is to blame?
And life splashes me but still I am dry
neglected by what is known as the meaning.

Who is to know?
Who is to blame?
Who denies it all?
Who defines? (the meaning)

Truths are made of lies
floating on horizon
endless void of questions
and the mask is on

Imagery of time past
Forms and twist inside what is real
scorn my inner self
crucify my emotions upon the dream

Words are made for misunderstanding
truth to band the lies
fear just to bring you comfort
dreams to make you suffer

I should have known
Im to blame
I still deny
what I recall

Cannot betray anymore
Keep it hanging
Keep it hanging
Keep it hanging picture grey
No, forget!

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