Whats wrong with the milk bars
Shop keepers say "we dont sell sparlkers"
I think the whole world is addicted to chocolate
Only attracted to things that are 4 months old
Overseas, yeah we try to beat sars
But they keep exportin' from china
On the anaconda, milk bar
Are they chinese, japanese or korean?

People grillin', people fryin'
4 month old food, people dying
They wont stop sellin' old stuff
So police slap on some hand cuffs

Father, farther, farther, help us
Give dis shop keaper his last rights,
Cos this guy sold some kids some ciggies
So he's gettin' the daeth sentence

Where is the dove...(chocolate)
Where is the dove...(chocolate)
Where is the dove,
The dove the dove

When will they stop?...
...in bout' ten minute

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