Foto do artista Absidia

Triumphal Way of Eternal Gods


Behind the interstellar space of cosmic Darkness,
Behind the seas of Magic planets
The pure image is coming somewhere,
It is kindling celestial light in the distance.
Her fair-hair are curling down the wind,
Her blue eyes are like the drops of tears
In the cosmic Darkness, in the starlight
I see the comet, the Godess of eternal might.
Oh, my angel, from the howling fields
Oh, my angel, from the country of eternal dreams
I ask you to take me with you
In the way of eternal strolling gods.
High above me I see the light of the eyes,
I see it's soul in the depth of the lakes
The way continues beyond the ice chamber,
Beyond the gold of transparent crests.
And the soul goes to them under influence of the eyes
And it is disappearing in the distance leaving the world for the eternal hour.
In the interstellar space of nightly silence
Where the stars fuse together to the great way
Where the gods give the dreams to people,
Where the mountains stretched out "cudo"
Where all nine heavens and "irii".
At the beginning of the way will see me
Where the forest spreads as the green tale & mountains are crystal ice.
Oh, Godness I will be with you for eternity,
I will be giving happiness of dreams to people
And during the way I will find the eternal world
In the way of eternal walking gods.

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