Among the peacuful times passed in the Reign of Light
The Kingdom suffering from anxious, Angels
A different view a new conception of Life
Living injustice, truth is crying, Luzbell

The Order fading out a prison in our minds
Controlling our souls, serving to our God
Is this what we call life? It's time to hear us now
We have to open our eyes
Brothers Above Unite

Aware of every cry, and doubts that filled their minds
The White One made his stand, Out of Heaven!
Luzbell Free at last, defying the will of God
The New Order has begun, Pandaemonium

No tears of regret, no loneliness
A Kingdom built upon ashes
Speak now cause this can't be the future of our kind
The White One must go down
Angels Of Dark Unite

Of Justice
Of Justice
Of Justice
He is our only Hope
Of Justice
Of Justice
Of Justice
He is the Prince of the Dawn

Dark one guide us now
This living Hell is our death
Dark one guide us now
Master Lucifer show us the way!

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